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After God called our Pastors out of the ministry they were faithful in before, they went through a wilderness, where they did not know what God wanted them to do. In 2009, they had spent the weekend with their mentors, Dr. David and Tracy Forbes in Columbus, Ohio. While at a restaurant, the Spirit of God fell and both Dr. David and Tracy saw something in the spirit. Dr. Tracy saw the number 15, and Dr. David went to his calendar on his phone, and he had February 15 highlighted. He said “Marcus, this is going to be your first church service. You are planting a church in Plainview.” IT WAS TWO WEEKS AWAY. They did not have ANYTHING. Prophet and First Lady had no idea nor plans to be the founders of Faith Christian Fellowship. Their initial thoughts were to either move to Columbus, Ohio to be with Dr. David and Tracy Forbes, or to Darrow, Louisiana to be with our Apostle Leroy Thompson, Sr. Thus began the journey of Faith Christian Fellowship.

FCF began in the living room of Prophet’s house with 20 members. We quickly outgrew, so we then moved to the breakfast area of the Holiday Inn Express. Our first service here, Prophet’s father surrendered his life to Christ and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Prophet was believing for his salvation for eight years. It only took a month and half before we outgrew the breakfast area. As we were searching for buildings or land, an individual came and said that God told them to donate their building to FCF. We started with half of the building. After about a year, we outgrew it. The same individual came back and donated the entire 12,000 square foot building to FCF. God has also enlarged our territory and expanded us to another city, Lubbock, Texas.


In our beginning stages of FCF, God gave Prophet a declaration to confess:
“Great people are ready to help ME in the right way and at the right time. People who don’t even know it yet! I promise I will never give up even when it looks like I don’t have the help that I need, but I will trust God to provide. God has resources I haven’t even considered. But in the right way and at the right time, HE will provide!!!

We found favor with the building, taxes, people, AND GOD!