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Pastor Marcus Flores was born on May 19, 1979 in Lockney, Texas. After completing his primary education in the Plainview public schools, Pastor Flores began his academic journey in Pheonix, Az. However, it was in Plainview where he met and fell in love with, at the time, Yvonne Rodriguez, and on July 20, 2002, they were joined in holy matrimony. Because of their union, they became the blessed parents of three children: Dylan Marcus, Josiah Evan, and Tayvian Kash.

Before God called Pastor Flores to plant and pastor Faith Christian Fellowship, pastor was a faithful servant at New Life AG. He served in any way he could. He eventually became the youth pastor and then Associate Pastor. Being completely committed and serving whole-heartedly, when God called them out in 2008, it was particularly difficult due to the relationships that were built. While on a bike ride he stopped to read a book and Holy Spirit told him, “put the book down”, so he did and just listened. After a few minutes he heard clearly, “POSITION THE BODY OF CHRIST TO BE ABLE AND AVAILABLE TO RECEIVE THE PROMISES OF GOD, FOR I AM TIRED OF MY CHILDREN LIVING LIKE ORPHANS.”  This statement was implanted in his heart and he knew God was up to something big! This declaration made to him would become the Vision and Purpose of Faith Christian Fellowship. In 2009, God called Pastor Flores to plant and pastor Faith Christian Fellowship in Plainview, Texas under the leadership covering of Apostle Leroy Thompson Sr. Pastor serves as one of Apostle Thompson’s 12 MVB’s (Master Vision Bearers).

In 2011, Pastor Flores graduated from Ever Increasing Word Training Center in Darrow, Louisiana.